Vacation Home Rental Cape Coral - The #1 for successful Marketing

Every year, thousands of vacationers flock to the city on the Gulf. Thus, renting out your vacation home in Cape Coral can be very lucrative. Of course, many house owners have the same idea, so sticking out from the crowd is not easy. In order for the investment to pay off, constant effort and high quality in many areas are key.

This is where our job begins. As real estate and marketing experts, we know how to properly showcase your home: Professional ads with photos, texts and videos, websites, social media and a well-tested collaboration with business partners are just some methods to make your property attractive for guests.

But advertising your house is only one part of our service. We will also take care of all tasks associated with the rental business – and there are many: from the first booking request and communication with guests to the final feedback. This way, we can make sure vacationers feel well taken care of. Positive reviews spread fast, so it will not be long until you have acquired a number of regular guests. In addition, you will benefit from our large number of long-term customers. No matter the service: Reliability, flexibility and constant self- improvement are important to us.

But enough with the preface. Let us show you all our rental services in detail, so you can get a
clear impression of what we have to offer:

World-wide Rental Business: Requests & Booking

With the help of our computer system, we are able to centrally manage your rental property on all relevant booking platforms. Our aim is to reach as many customers as possible. Therefore, we do not only use international booking sites, but also regional providers and our own platform. We answer all questions in a timely manner, guide new guests through the booking process and always try to fulfill special requests. Responding quickly is important, as most customers are requesting multiple vacation homes at the same time.

Website & Social Media

In the rental business, an online presence has long been regarded as the icing on the cake. However, for amateurs, this is not an easy task. Technical, creative and legal know-how is needed to create a professional website. Here, our service comes into play. With pictures, videos and texts, we will create a web-presence that truly shows your house in the best possible light. And not only that: Thanks to contact/booking forms and online payment solutions, guests will be able to book your house directly on the website. This saves you and your guests the high fees charged by other real estate platforms. Of course, we will include links to your social media accounts, which – by the way – we are also happy to create for you.

Professional Ads

Cape Coral is a popular travel destination. Consequently, the number of vacation homes and competing rental agents is huge. This places great importance on the quality of your real estate ad. As marketing experts, we will make sure your house description meets all stylistic criteria and puts readers in the proper holiday mood. At the same time, we will include professional photos and videos to present your house in all its amazing details. With this clever combination of texts, pictures and sound, booking requests are just a matter of time.

Guest Service before Check-in

Congratulations – your vacation home has been booked. Now we will immediately take care of all further steps. Even before your guests arrive, we will provide them with the necessary information. This includes an explanation of the check-in process, the house rules and all tasks guests are required to do before check-out. As a rental agency with years of experience, we know how to spot problems before they arise, and how to avoid frustration. Your guests´ comfort is our first priority. For example, we offer to buy groceries for guests and deliver them at check-in. Of course, we will also provide guests with useful travel tips to further enhance their vacation in Cape Coral.

Guest Service after Check-out

We are always striving to further improve our service and make your guests´ vacation even better. Therefore, we ask guests during their stay if everything is in order, and provide solutions if problems arise. At the end of the rental period, we will ask for final feedback: How satisfied were the guests with their vacation home? Did the check-in go smoothly? Were the property managers helpful and friendly, and is there room for improvement? High quality should be rewarded. Therefore, we encourage guests to leave a review and recommend your property to other renters. With this word-of-mouth advertising, additional booking requests and great long-term revenue are almost guaranteed.

Our app - always up to date

Our app not only lists the bookings made on all rental portals in one calendar. You can also display interesting statistics that show the occupancy rate and the rental revenue up-to-the- minute. In addition, the app allows you to block certain times: for example, when you need your vacation home for yourself. Our cloud solution, which you as a homeowner have access to for free, displays the whole communication with customers, guaranteeing maximum transparency. All app contents are accessible worldwide and at any time.

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