From shiny surfaces and tidy rooms to hygienic conditions in the bathroom and kitchen – If you want your guests to feel right at home, cleanliness is key. A dirty vacation home, on the other hand, can quickly lead to frustration.

Thanks to our professional cleaning staff, you will not have this problem. We will make sure your house leaves guests with nothing but positive impressions.

Basic Cleaning after Check-out

After every check-out, we will start our cleaning routine and make your vacation home ready for new guests. Our basic cleaning includes tasks like vacuuming and mopping the floors. On the day of departure, we will wash towels and bed linen before preparing the beds for new guests. Upon request, our staff can also refill your stock of household goods like soap, bin bags and toilet paper.


Our service is not limited to cleaning and tidying the rooms. We will also check your property for damages and find out who caused them, so you do not have to pay out of your own pocket. If guests happen to break something, this is rarely a problem. We can charge them a repairing fee or deduct the costs from their security deposit. Of course, our staff will also inspect the exterior and the pool area.

Agreements with Guests

Our aim is to perform the cleaning between check-out and new check-in as smoothly and quickly as possible. Therefore, we ask guests to do certain tasks before they leave. Guests are, for example, asked to wash any towels they do not need anymore on the day before, do the dishes and give the barbecue grill a basic cleaning. Alternatively, guests can choose to have these tasks performed by our team for an additional fee. Our experience shows: Keeping in close and friendly contact with guests allows us to conduct the cleaning without major delays. This way, your vacation home will be ready for new guests in no time.

Additional Cleaning

Many long-term guests ask to have their vacation home cleaned during their stay. We are more than happy to fulfill this wish and send a cleaning team – no matter if guests request the additional cleaning before or after check-in. We accept simple cash payments, but can also deduct the cleaning costs from the security deposit. And of course, we are always trying to find the right solution for every guest.

Optional Service

Our basic cleaning is due between every check-out and check-in – or as agreed upon, if you do not want to rent out your home. In addition, there are other tasks that become necessary sooner or later. This includes an extensive cleaning of the windows, inside and outside. After multiple guests, you should have the barbecue grill thoroughly cleaned. Maintenance tasks like changing the bark mulch should also be done regularly – even if there are no guests staying in your house. Our team is more than happy to point out areas that need cleaning or maintenance, and offer flexible solutions for you.

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