Pool Service

No matter if you want to stay fit with a morning swim, unwind in the Jacuzzi, or watch your children frolic in the water – swimming pools are a real asset for every homeowner in Florida.

In addition to all the watery fun, a pool also boosts the value of your property – and works wonders to attract vacation guests. This way, you can significantly increase your rental revenue.

Of course, the comfort of your own pool comes with a price. You have to chlorinate, clean and maintain it to ensure its safety and functionality. Laypersons quickly reach their limits. But this is not a problem. Our partners will take care of your pool in Cape Coral. Quality work and attention to every detail is their ambition – as well as ours.

The pool service includes:

Inspections and Maintenance

During thorough check-ups, our pool service will monitor water levels and make sure the water quality is up to par. For this purpose, chemicals like chlorite, acid and pool salt are used – but only if necessary, of course. The inspections also pertain to moving parts like the pump, whirlpool nozzles and the heater. This way, you can be sure your pool is working properly


Despite quality filters, dirt and residue in your pool are only a matter of time. Our pool experts in Cape Coral will take care of these problems with professional equipment – scrub the walls and vacuum the floor, so you and your guests can swim without hazards. Of course, this service also includes cleaning the pool filter.

Repairs and Changes

With time, even the most amazing pool is bound to suffer wear and tear. But fear not: Our contractors will take care of your pool – no matter if the pump refuses to work, water leaks out, or other problems with functionality occur. You want to enhance your pool with new features like a spa? Thanks to our network of certified companies, this is no problem. As a Full Service Agency, we are more than happy to refer you to external partners that will make your pool dreams come true.

Other tasks of the pool service:

Cleaning the pool filters

Vacuuming the pool floor

Checking the water level

Checking the water quality

Replenishment of salts or chemicals

Function test

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