Maintenance of your Property

There is always work to be done in and around the house. In addition to regular inspections, repairs can become necessary at any time, and many owners have special requests. Getting these tasks done is the backbone of our property management.

After every change of guests, the house has to be inspected for damages. This is to make sure the next guests can stay in a fully functional and well-maintained home. But even if you do not want to rent out your house, weekly check-ups are a good idea.

Our service includes inspections of all rooms, the pool area and the garden. We can also perform extracurricular tasks like repairs, or hire specialists to do the job.

In addition, we offer special services: Our staff can make your home hurricane-proof, maintain a stock of supplies for your guests and make sure there is always enough gas for barbecues.

In this article, you will learn more about our basic, extracurricular and special services.

Electricity and Lights

Be it after check-out or during our weekly inspections – we will make sure all electrical appliances are working correctly. This includes power switches and sockets as well as AC units and security systems.

Sanitary Equipment

The water system is an essential part of every house. Therefore, our staff will check all faucets, toilets and showers during inspection. This way, you can be sure the sanitary equipment is working properly.

Pool Area

Swimming pools rank among the most attractive features of every house – especially for guests who want to relax. During our inspections, we will check the pool, pool area and screen for damages. In addition, we will make sure your pool is cleaned by a specialist every week to maintain the water quality.

In order to ensure the proper condition of your garden, we will inspect this area for damages after every check-out. This also includes an inspection of the sprinkler system. Once a week, our garden team will tend to this area and, among other services, mow the lawn for you.

Other Basic Services:

Doors & Windows

Keeping your house safe from the weather, but also from burglars, is our top priority. Therefore, our team will make sure all doors and windows close properly.


Unwanted bugs are a real problem – but one that can easily be fixed if spotted early. Therefore, we will check your house for pest infestation during our inspections.

Junk Mail

Overflowing mailboxes are nothing short of an eyesore. Thus, we will throw away any unwanted junk mail for you.

Office Work

Renting out your property in Florida comes with a range of formalities that you have to keep track of. Electricity, water and telephone bills have to be paid on time – as well as insurance policies. In addition, different taxes are due: either once a year or every time your house is booked.

We will perform these office duties for you. Additionally, we will present you with a statement of revenues and expenses for every month. If you want to learn more, visit our subpage “Back Office”.

Repairs & extracurricular Services

Extracurricular services include repairs that sooner or later become necessary in every house. Our workers have a keen eye, so during inspections, we quickly notice if there is a need for repairs – and whether or not the work has to be done immediately.

We are able to do cosmetic repairs like painting walls and fixing dents. If repairs of the electrical or sanitary system are necessary, we will hire certified specialists. This way, you can be sure the work is done properly.

Examples of Repairs and extracurricular Services:

Damage to furniture and walls

Damaged electrical appliances

High-pressure cleaning

Broken light bulbs

Leaking faucets

Clogged pool filters

Special Service

Is there a task you would like us to perform as your property manager? Then, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are striving to provide the right solution for every customer.

Examples of special Services:

Hurricane Service

Cape Coral is not a particularly hurricane-prone area. Nonetheless, houses need to be protected from storms. We will make sure your home is storm-proof and meets all necessary requirements in case of a hurricane.

Keeping a Stock of basic Products

To make sure your guests feel right at home, every vacation house should have a stock of basic products like toilet paper, soap and bin bags. Our staff will make sure this stock is refilled before new guests check in.

Buying Gas

Barbecues are an integral part of every vacation in Florida. However, if guests are unable to use the grill because their predecessors have used up all the gas, frustration is inevitable. Therefore, we will make sure your house is always equipped with full gas bottles..

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