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In order to successfully rent out your vacation house and generate long-term revenue, the right presentation is key. Having the most amazing house amounts to nothing if it is not visible online.

We know from experience: Only by professionally combining texts, photos and videos will your ad stick out from the mass of competitors and generate more booking requests.

And not only that: On average, professional ads also result in a higher rental price. This way, you can generate more booking requests AND more revenue. In short: Professional ads make your rental object even more lucrative.

Also, keep in mind that professional ads get clicked on by thousands of potential guests over a span of months and years. Thus, your onetime investment will pay for itself over the years.

In this article, we will show you how we can make your ads more visible. New customers will receive most of these services for free. But of course, we also offer you the possibility to buy all listed services from our experts.

Photos & first Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true in the renting business. Getting a customer to choose your ad out of all the competitors is an important first step. In order to achieve this goal, professional photos are vital. The thumbnail is particularly important, as it is the first thing that catches the eye.

Let us give you an example in the form of the Villa Ciao Bella, and show you what a perfect ad with photos should look like.

Daylight Shots

Our professional photographers utilize South Florida’s sun to present your house in the best possible light – quite literally. At daylight, the dimensions of your rooms become perfectly visible, and we are able to focus on the details you want to showcase: like your brand-new boat dock, the barbecue grill or the beautiful pool area. Our experts provide more than just pictures: They stage every shot with deco elements that transform your house into a true work of art.

Evening Shots

Customers who rent a vacation home want to know what the object looks like after dark. And rightfully so: Many houses show their true beauty in the evening, when the lights are romantically reflected in the pool, and the sunset creates splendid displays of color. So why not show off these aesthetic highlights to your customers? With our professional evening shots, we can convey a feeling of comfort – and this feeling might just be the final incentive to book your house.

Drone Shots

You take great pride in the beautiful exterior of your house? Then why only show it from the ground? Drone shots are a perfect way to present your rental object in its totality – and from angles not usually seen in other pictures.

At the same time, we provide customers with a perfect visual overview, highlighting everything from the entrance to the lanai and the boat dock. What is more, many people choose their vacation house specifically for its location. Be it a canal flowing right behind your backyard, or the green and quiet neighborhood – with drone shots, we can showcase the surroundings of your house like never before.

Description Texts

A potential customer has clicked on your ad? Great. Now they want to know the details: How many bedrooms are there? Is the kitchen well-equipped? What can you do for fun in the surrounding area?

These are just some questions the introduction text should answer – in a lively, concise and grammatically correct manner, of course. Only if your text adheres to those high standards, potential customers will read it to the end.

Stylistic errors and typos, on the other hand, make readers question the author’s professionalism. Unfortunately, too many ads are packed with photos, but only offer uninspired bullet points. This is especially sad as texts are a comparably cheap way to improve your ad.

Besides, our texts offer more than just hard facts: On an emotional level, they convey the „soul of your house” and what makes it so special. Thus, the reader will be left with a positive feeling – another important step in getting them to book your house.

Of course, you can describe the house in your own words. But beware: Combining informative writing with vivid descriptions is not easy. The aim is to create the perfect holiday feeling, without relying on empty phrases or exaggerations. If you want to be on the safe side, have your text written by our experts. We offer texts in multiple varieties and languages:

Short description

A concise text that covers the most important features and selling points of your house (around 200 words)

Standard description

A broader account of your vacation home that includes individual rooms and a short paragraph on the surrounding area (around 400–500 words)

Complete description

An extensive text that covers all aspects of your rental object: from the architecture, individual rooms and furniture to a broad description of the surrounding area (around 1.000–1.400 words)

SEO Optimization

Of course, we create every text under the aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thus making your vacation home even more visible on Google.


A picture is worth more than thousand words, they say. However, a professional video is worth even more and will immediately set you apart from the masses of rental agents.

The possibilities are endless. We can, for example, start with a long shot of your house to present it in full glory. Afterwards, we could take prospective renters on a journey through every room and use text overlay to point out the highlights of your house.

From varied angles, professional cuts and transitions to the right length – our video experts will leave nothing to chance when it comes to giving customers the perfect impression. Of course, this also includes background music for the right atmosphere.

Floor Plans

By presenting a floor plan of your house, you can provide customers with the perfect overview. This way, they can clearly see how big the rooms are and how to get from one room to another – for example, from the bedrooms to the swimming pool. With our software, we can even place virtual furniture to make your floor plan look more realistic.

360 Degree Shots

360 degree shots are the new gold standard in the world of real estate ads. They allow customers to virtually visit every room and take a look around – a perfect way to show interiors in their full size. Another reason for 360 degree shots: Thanks to the zoom option, customers can inspect little details in the room that would otherwise be overlooked.

Virtual Room Tours

You want to offer renters a truly remarkable experience? Then, virtual room tours are perfect for you. Thanks to innovative software solutions, we can have your house remodeled in 3D, allowing customers to freely explore it from the comfort of their homes. True to scale dimensions and high-resolution photos make the illusion perfect. In short: There is no better way to realistically present your vacation home online. Of course, we can help you implement virtual room tours in your ad.

Measurable Success with Texts, Photos and Videos

Of course, texts, photos and videos are just some factors among many. Just as important for your success are positive reviews, fast and friendly customer service, reliable property management and a booking calendar that is always up to date.

Additionally, your profile text should show you as a likeable and competent rental agent. This will leave renters with a positive feeling.

One thing is clear, though: Professional ads always generate more booking requests. The best example for measurable success is the aforementioned Villa Ciao Bella. Even in the COVID year 2020, this vacation home had an occupancy rate of over 95 % and generated nearly 100.000 USD in revenue. In 2021, the house is almost fully booked. The Villa Ciao Bella ranks among the most successful rental objects in Cape Coral. It even surpasses houses with a much better location and guarantees its owner safe long-term revenue.

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