Garden Landscape Service

Well-maintained exteriors are the highlight of every house – and significantly increase its value. At the same time, they work wonders to attract guests who want to spend their vacation amidst idyllic surroundings. Therefore, you should leave nothing to chance when it comes to showcasing your garden and lawn in Cape Coral.

There are many things to consider, though: During the summer months, strong rain makes the grass grow so fast that you will have trouble keeping up with your lawnmower. In winter, extended dry spells make the use of irrigation systems necessary, unless you want your plants to wither away. Last but not least, there is always the risk of vermin that house owners have to deal with.

Our professional garden service in Cape Coral will take care of these and many other tasks – always with a keen eye for quality work. This way, you can enjoy your exteriors without having to work up a sweat.

Our garden landscape maintenance services include:

Lawn Service

We will go the extra mile to make sure your lawn stays neatly trimmed. Of course, our gardeners adjust their mowing to the season, and also cut the corners and rims alongside your property. In addition, our professional lawn team in Cape Coral will rip out any unwanted blades of grass poking out of walkways and driveways.

Garden Service

A well-maintained lawn is not the only thing that makes your property stand out. Therefore, we pay special attention to all trees and bushes. Our gardeners in Cape Coral will cut off dead leaves and branches, trim the hedges, remove weeds, and clean the flowerbeds. Of course, getting rid of the waste materials is also part of our service.

Irrigation, Manure and Pest Control

Creating lush, green surroundings is a science in and of itself. Therefore, we will hire professional gardeners who will take care of the irrigation on your property – always in accordance with the season. In addition to manuring, the service also includes pest control. We will make short work of unwanted critters on your property, so that you and your guests can enjoy a carefree stay.

Overview of our garden landscaping service:

Weekly mowing

Cutting the borders and edges

Cleaning of the flower beds

Pest control

Green waste removal

Removal of grass from driveways, sidewalks and lanai

Removal of cut-off or dead branches and palm leaves

Weed control in flower beds

Fertilizer service for lawn and plants

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