Check-in & Check-out

Welcoming guests and seeing them off is an important part of the rental business. We take care of the check-in and check-out process to make sure you and your guests are happy.

As part of the service, our staff will handle the formalities and answer any questions about the house. This way, we can ensure that guests feel well taken care of. When it is time to say goodbye, we will perform the check-out in a way that brings the rental period to a successful end for all parties.

Welcoming Guests

For many guests, check-in is the first time they meet their rental agent in person. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression.

Most guests will have had a long journey before they can check in. Thus, naturally, they want to relax. Delays and Misunderstandings easily create frustration. But this can be avoided. We perform check-ins in a professional manner to accompany guests on their first steps in their temporary home:


We will make sure that guests are satisfied the moment they enter your house. A few friendly words go a long way. And of course, we will present the welcoming gift you have chosen beforehand.

Afterwards, we will explain to guests how everything works: from the WiFi password to the pool, barbecue grill and Smart Home technologies. We know our way around Cape Coral.Therefore, we can answer many questions your guests might have about sights and attractions, restaurants and shopping opportunities nearby.


Together with the guests, we check the electric meter and remind them of the power bill at the end of the rental period. We also inform guests about the services done in and around the house: for example, when the trash is picked up and the pool is due for cleaning. Clarity and transparency are key for us. Therefore, we will remind guests of house regulations to avoid misunderstandings and bad surprises at check-out.

Solutions for late Check-in

Oftentimes, guests do not arrive on time – for example, when the airplane is delayed and arrives late at night. Therefore, it is not always possible to check them in on the same day. To avoid frustration, we will constantly stay in touch with guests to communicate what to do in case of a delay. This way, we can assess if checking in on the following day is a good idea.

Of course, if your guests have issued a shopping list, we will deliver the products as planned – even though check-in might be delayed.


Check-out is the last step, but not a trivial one. Just like check-in, it should be performed smoothly to make sure guests keep your house in good memory. If they do, you could very well gain loyal customers who keep coming back.


We will check the electric meter and charge guests for power usage – either via the security deposit or a cash payment. In addition, we check all rooms for damages and assess whether we have to collect an additional cleaning fee or repair costs. This way, we make sure that you as a rental agent will keep your guests in good memory as well.

Late Check-out

Oftentimes, guests inquire about the possibilities of a late check-out. As soon as we receive the booking, we will assess if late check-out is a viable option or impossible because new guests arrive on the same day. We will also keep guests posted about this option. If you as a rental agent want to charge an additional late check-out fee, we can collect it for you.

Feedback & Reviews

Before it is time to say goodbye, we have a final chat with guests and ask them for feedback: Were they happy with their stay or is there need for improvement? In doing so, we are showing that customer satisfaction and constant improvement are important for us. Of course, we will promptly forward the feedback to you, the rental agent.

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