Digital House Display

Guests have many questions, and answering all of them takes time. Wouldn´t it be easier to present information in a way that vacationers can always see it? Instead of printed books or brochures, which are rarely appealing or up to date, we have opted for a different solution: the house display. This digital concierge not only explains all procedures in your vacation home. It also shows guests the most popular attractions nearby. Services can be booked with a few clicks, and there is even a feedback option – a great way to let us know if your guests are satisfied or not.

In our opinion, every guest should be able to enjoy this intuitive, digital display. With it, we can ensure even more happy customers, which in turn benefits our owners. It gets even better, though: Renting the house display is free, as we will install and update it at our expense. This service sets us apart from most other property managers.

Sounds interesting? Then, continue reading to find out more about the house display and its advantages:

Beautiful Design

Measuring 24 x 12 inches, our displays immediately catch the eye when guests first enter your house. However, these screens are not only large. With their elegant design, they also enhance any living area. High-res vacation pictures are displayed in standby mode, and handling is made easy by a touch screen. In addition, we will add a personalized greeting for every guest – making sure they feel welcome right away.

Important Information for Guests

At check-in, many guests have had a long trip and are not in the mood to process lots of information. Our house displays provide the perfect solution. They allow guests to look up important infos whenever they want: for example, the house rules or the Wi-Fi password. Technical nuances like the pool controls, a frequent issue for vacationers, can be explained easily – and not just in text form. With the help of videos, the instruction becomes even clearer, which helps avoid frustration.

Digital Travel Guide

Our house displays provide guests with an overview of Cape Coral´s most worthwhile spots: from restaurants and stores to popular tourist attractions in the vicinity. In addition, we can add recommendations and comments to make the experience even more personalized. A map shows the distance to the desired destination, and guests are able to have the route sent to their smartphone. The house display even features an integrated weather app.

Additional Services

Oftentimes, guests request additional services: Some are interested in a late check-out or a cleaning during their stay; others would like to rent a boat. Our house displays provide the perfect solution. With just a few clicks, guests are able to select the desired service and book it. No laptop or smartphone is needed, which makes the booking process – and the vacation in general – even more convenient.

Guest Feedback

With our house displays, communication not only works in one direction – far from it. Upon arrival, guests are asked if they are satisfied with the first impression of their vacation house. This is vital for us as property managers – allowing us to quickly react and ask which areas need improving. The same goes for check-out. Then, guests have the chance to submit a final feedback.

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